Sales Rebate Agreement Template

Enter the De qty fields. and up qty, the range of values qualified for the amount of the discount for the new line. If, in AX 2012 R3, a value in the In qty or An amount is available and the total amount of sale or total amount exceeds that value, certain combinations of low-line type and amount type values may result in incorrect calculations of the discount amounts. Therefore, the following combinations are not allowed and you will receive a message if you try to enter them into the agreement: The items you need to buy or the account numbers you need to buy to get the discount, whether the discount is an amount or a percentage of the purchase note: The supplier pays a percentage off if the type of discount indicates percentages. You can enter several thresholds for a discount agreement. You can get z.B a discount for the purchase of 100 widgets and another discount for the purchase of 500 widgets. If you enter multiple thresholds, you must enter thresholds or amounts in ascending order. The order date must be within the validity dates indicated for the agreement. Each time you enter a retail line, you need to specify a line type. The storage interface for the type of position you specify in the command position types determines the order in which the system seeks a discount agreement through inclusion rules to find a match: in the Value field, enter the amount of the discount for the position. Repeat steps 12 to 15 to add a line for each range of values to be included in the discount calculation. You can have the system assign a number at any discount or enter your own number. If you assign a number, the last discount number is increased by 1 for the provider.

If this is the first discount contract for the supplier, the system assigns the number one. You can enter a note on a discount agreement. If a memo is present, the words See memo at the top of the form are displayed or the system highlights the chord number. Note: If you use purchase instructions to indicate that all discount agreements are pending for an (inactive) supplier, the system changes that status to "Active" when you enter a new active discount contract for the supplier. In the Unit field, select the unit to measure the amount of discounts. You must enter the total amount of the rebate or percentage you must receive for each threshold, regardless of the other thresholds for which you may have already received a discount. Example: Enter the purchase category (P1-P5) with which you enter the category code values for discounts. You indicate this value in the system constants (P4009W) that you accessed by pressing F10 branch/installation constants (P41204). If a supplier offers them a discount for the purchase of certain goods and services, you put in place a discount contract. You can have an unlimited number of discounts for each provider. For each agreement, you provide basic information, z.B.: After entering basic information about a discount agreement, you must specify the inclusion rules that indicate what you need to buy to get the discount.

The system applies purchases on the basis of a discount agreement based on one of the following options: To add specific comments or instructions for this discount agreement, enter your comments in the Note box of the Notice tab. In the example above, when you purchase 500 items, you are entitled to a total discount of 500.00, regardless of the 100.00 discount you may have already obtained for the purchase of 100 items. The Status of the Agreement, whether active or pending The person to whom the system transmits messages when a discount is due If the discount is based on purchase quantities or amounts For the system to track discounts, you must provide information about the agreements you have with your suppliers.


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