Major Mideast Agreement

The contract was signed on September 15, 2020. The treaty recognizes the sovereignty of each state, obliges the two states to exchange ambassadors and conclude bilateral agreements on various subjects, including visa agreements, and will enter into force as soon as ratification. [32] The agreement was ratified by the Israeli government on 12 October and ratified by the Knesset on 15 October. The scene, including live music and flags, should recall earlier chords in the Middle East. Trump`s political supporters want to strengthen his reputation as a statesman just seven weeks before election day. So far, foreign policy has not played much of a role in a campaign dominated by coronaviruses, racial issues and the economy. Amira Hass wrote that the agreement was the result of the Palestinian Authority`s continued neglect of relations with the United Arab Emirates. According to hate, diplomatic relations were severed in 2012 by the PLO to deny the UAE`s good relations with Mohammed Dahlan, the political enemy of PLO President Mahmoud Abbas. The PNA`s animosity towards the UAE continued to June 2020, when the PLO rejected aid sent by the UAE during the COVID-19 pandemic, by the grounds that it was it was felt without prior agreement and through an Israeli airport. Hatred is a PLO more concerned with domestic politics than with governance, which contributes to economic decline and strained external relations. [164] Turkish President Erdogan deplored the damage caused to the Palestinians by Israel`s agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

In the meantime, the Turkish authorities have been asked whether, in their agreements to oppose Iran, they will join the VaE and Bahrain, but no official decision has yet been taken and no information is available on where Turkey sees itself on the new map of the Middle East powers. The VaE and Bahrain have a history of suppressing differences of opinion and critical public opinion, but there are signs that the agreements are not as popular or well received as in Israel. Neither country sent its head of state and government to sign the agreements with Netanyahu. Moreover, despite great global efforts, the region`s pariah, Iran, remains at the heart of Western thought, and even former sworn enemies have united to preserve their countries and their well-being. Many major Western countries are ready and not rushing to impose new sanctions on Iran. The agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are also of great benefit to Israel. Netanyahu believes in the great strategy of the 1920s, which is that there is an "iron wall" between Jews and Arabs. This means that Israel would benefit in the long run and that the Arab world would benefit from its neighbour`s agreement.

Israel does not want to be isolated in the region. While it understands the long-term benefits, it has also forgotten recent disagreements with the UAE over that country strengthening its military arsenal.


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