Installation Support Agreement Army

Last month, the army signed the 66th intergovernmental support agreements (IGSA): public-public partnerships between military institutions and neighbouring local governments. The last, in Fort Stewart, Georgia, will be responsible for local government in Long County for animal control services on the garrison. Comments: The Navy accepted this recommendation and, on March 1, 2019, the Department of the Navy instructed the Commander, Navy Facilities Command, to establish policies or procedures and to conduct a process of collecting and tracking information on the financial or unrealized benefits of the implemented IGS. In addition, the Ministry ordered that the information be made available to the Assistant Undersecretary of the Navy (Installations – Facilities) semi-annually. On June 1, 2019, Commander, Navy Facilities Command issued the necessary guidelines and collected data on the financial and non-financial benefits of the IGS implemented by the Navy during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019. Through the implementation and implementation of this process and its documentation in guidelines, the navy will have information that decision makers can use to verify possible extensions of GHI and to decide whether similar agreements should be developed and implemented at other sites. Based on the analysis of 8 selected intergovernmental support agreements (IGSAs) and interviews with officials, the GAO found that military services obtained financial and non-financial benefits from using IGSa with local or public governments to obtain installation services such as waste disposal, land maintenance and animal control. Comments: The military approved this recommendation and in response concluded a settlement that led the monitoring of all the financial benefits realized of the IMPLEMENTed SRIs. Although the Order does not explicitly impose control over non-financial benefits, an order from the military through IGSa indicates that it is essential to use public-public partnerships to improve, among other things, relations with government and local communities.


על אודות נפתלי פלדמן

מטפל ברפואה משלימה בעזרת תזונה, אלוורה רפואית אורגנית ואפיתרפיה בעל תואר שני במנהל עסקים, איש הייטק ואינטרנט לשעבר. יזם ALORGANIC ישראל - גידול אלוורה אורגנית ופיתוח מוצרי קוסמטיקה טבעיים. בוגר לימודי רפואה תזונתית מהמרכז לרפואת הרמב"ם.
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