How to choose an Aloevera leaf from Aloevera plant + VIDEO


As I have written in my previous blogs, There is no doubt,  Aloevera is a gift of God to man. It is a complete pharmacy, a remedy for all skin problems and even a solution to digestive system problems.

Aloevera plant - Alorganic
Aloevera plant – Alorganic

You owe yourself Aloevera!

This time, for this blog, I made a movie, where I want to show you how to choose an Aloevera leaf to be removed from the plant, and I'll show you how simple it is. The movie appears at the bottom of the text.

If you already have Aloevera plant in your garden or at home, it is important to note that we use the older outer leaves, and not the inner leaves. The reason is because the external leaves are mature and contains a concentration of the Aloevera essential substances, whereas, the inner leaves are not mature enough. The article regarding the essential substances of Aloevera can be found here.

Another thing, important to note, is that Aloevera quickly proliferates. You must consider dilution of offsprings, because while Aloevera plant grows, it invest energy in growing it's new offsprings and neglect its own leaves. However, a plant with no offsprings, just reinforces his own leaves, and thus its leaves contain higher concentrations of its attributes.

This is why you should prefer to use a leaf of an Aloe plant without offsprings.

If you have Aloevera with offsprings, it's time to separate the offsprings from the mature mother plant, and plant them a bit away, or plant them in a pot. The mature plant can then strengthen and reinforce its leaves. And you may also enjoy more of Aloevera plants in the future, or even give away to your friends.

Separating children from mature Aloevera plant is simple. When the ground is damp, hold a young sapling next to the ground, and attract it upward. Young offsprings have a very week root connection to their mother plant. So a slight pull of the young plant breaks it easily. Don't worry, the plant can live on his own, even when small.

Watch the following video, which demonstrating how to select an Aloevera leaf and cut it off the plant.


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written by:   Naftali Feldman – ALORGANIC Israel
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