Aloevera is a Pharmacy


Aloevera – Nature's Pharmacy
Aloevera – Nature's Pharmacy

There is no doubt; Aloevera is one of the wonderful gifts that nature has given to humanity. Aloevera is considered a healer plant for many years. Testimonies of using it goes back to the old Egyptian's period, where Cleopatra have used it to protect her skin from the sun.  There is evidence of vast use of Aloevera from the eighteen and nineteen centuries when the Aloevera was used as one of the main health plants. In recent years, there is big awakening for different usages of Aloevera as a healer plant in the cosmetics industry and in naturopathic medicine for skin treatment as well as inner use.

Aloevera is the nature's Pharmacy! Aloevera has amazing healing properties. The plant is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, vital amino acids and materials that strengthen the immune system of the body and its balance. Aloevera consist of Glikoprotains and Polysaccharides. Glikoprotains are used to alleviate pain and anti-inflammatory conditions, and Polysaccharides help in skin renewal process and repair. The list of features attributed to Aloevera plant is long and it includes being:  Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, destroys germs, bacteria, fungi, contains Gelatin materials that protects bodies membranes from ribbed including the membranes of the digestive system, helps to heal wounds,  scratches, cuts, burns skin Infection. Smoothes and relaxes itching skin. Aloevera contains more than 160 substances! Including the entire necessary nutrient, vitamins, including B12 and minerals all, essential amino acids for building proteins in the body and essential omega 3.  

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We all know that after a skin burn from long exposure to the sun or any other burn, the quickest solution is to apply Aloevera gel directly on the skin. Whoever has an Aloevera plant in his garden has in fact, a remedy to a wide variety of skin treatments and even to digestive problems!

You don't know? Ask your parents or grandparents, They will tell you – There is nothink like Aloevera!

growing Aloevera – Nature's Pharmacy
growing Aloevera – Nature's Pharmacy

If you still don't have one at home. It is highly recommended that you have one.

The plant grows in full sun and does not need a lot of water to exist. It is very easy to cultivate. You can plant it in the garden, or put it in a flowerpot on a sun porch.

Organic seedlings of medical Aloevera can be obtained here. I grow Aloevera plants , and I have young and adult organic Aloevera plants. Also, you may get here a natural Aloevera gel, fresh cold-pressed (produced from mature leaves).

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