Software License Agreement Autodesk

If the description of the software or any other product literature identifies the Software license for them as valid for a specified period, with a limited duration or with a fixed duration, your license and your right to install and use the Software will only be prosecuted for the period, duration or duration indicated and the other conditions provided in this Agreement. This agreement ends at the end of the period described above. Ideate`s software fixes and upgrades will not act to extend the time limit unless Ideate has agreed to do otherwise in writing. These conditions do not apply to (i) subscriptions purchased before May 18, 2018, unless they are renewed on or after the date or date, or (ii) conditions for which Autodesk has agreed to provide maintenance services for software that has previously been authorized to you on an unlimited basis. On the contrary, these subscriptions and maintenance agreements remain subject to their existing conditions, which are available under previous subscription terms, to maintenance conditions. Licenses with invalid serial numbers – aka Autodesk Pirate Counterfeits or Licenses has significantly reduced the risk of unlicensed software from an indeterminate licensing model to a subscription-based model. However, many customers continue to provide and use older and permanent products. You are also responsible for the security of your account and all activities related to your account. This means (among other things) that you (i) make sure that only your authorized users use offers related to your account and (ii) back up user IDs or passwords and do not release them (except with authorized account administrators). If you suspect unauthorized use of your account, please contact The end-user license agreement is displayed during the installation process.

Please read this agreement carefully and print it out for future references. If you agree to the terms of the end-user license agreement, you will continue to install the software and you will be bound by your obligations under the end user license agreement. The type of license is the type of license indicated by Autodesk for a subscription (for example. B individual or multi-user users). License types are defined for subscription types. 2. RESTRICTIONS. The software is confidential and copyrighted. Ownership of the software and all related intellectual property rights are retained with Ideate and/or its licensees. You cannot make copies of the software, except for one copy of the software for archiving purposes. Unless current legislation prohibits the application, you cannot modify, decompilate or redevelop the software. They recognize that the software is not designed, authorized or intended for the design, construction, operation or maintenance of a nuclear facility.

Ideate denies any explicit or implied guarantee of suitability for such purposes. Under this agreement, no rights, title or interest are granted on a brand, service mark, logo or trade name of Ideate or its licensors. This agreement and software cannot be ceded by you.

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