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Even when SpaceX filed a complaint for the Russian acquisition of Atlas V engines, spaceX was not waiting for lucrative government contracts to work on Falcon Heavy, its competing missile system. According to Musk, SpaceX has spent more than $500 million in private funds to develop the new launcher for more than five years. The company folded its skills at the first Falcon Heavy launch on February 6, 2018, passing Mars, a payload that only Musk could dream of: his own Tesla Roadster with a dummy wearing a spacesuit in the driver`s seat. SpaceX is expected to launch 14 military and intelligence satellite missions, managed by the newly created space force. Ula will launch 20 missions for a total of 34 classified launches. (This figure could move due to "Warfighter requirements, constellation health, vehicle availability and available funding," said Captain Jacob Bailey, a spokesman for the U.S. Air Force, Business Insider in an email.) The huge privately developed rocket is the largest of all the launchers that were part of the Phase 2 competition. The New Glenn is capable of carrying up to 99,000 pounds, or 45 tons, in a low Earth orbit, and will have a reusable first stage powered by seven BE-4 engines. Roper said the Pentagon would work with Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman to complete their work under the start-up-service agreements reached in 2018. "ULA is honoured to be selected as one of the two service providers for this acquisition," said Tory Bruno, President and CEO of ULA. "Vulcan Centaur is the right choice for critical missions in the national security space and has been specially designed to meet all of our nation`s space requirements. This will allow ULA and SpaceX to transmit on a constant "drum" of launches to the Pentagon in order to complete trade missions on their launch manifests, he said. An illustration of the planned ULA Vulcan Centaur rocket, which has accumulated in the world of the world.

United Launch Alliance "This is a groundbreaking day that is the culmination of years of strategic planning and efforts by the Department of the Air Force, NGOs and our partners in the lance industry," said Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the United States.

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