Collective Agreement Sweden Notice Period

With regard to the general form of temporary employment, there are two other time constraints and the most advantageous alternative for the worker must be applied on a case-by-case basis. The first restriction is that when a worker is employed full-time for more than two years, the job is transformed into a permanent job. The second restriction assumes that a worker has been employed as a temporary worker for more than two years. However, the transition to permanent employment may be made earlier if, for a period of time, the worker has been successively employed as a general temporary worker, substitute and seasonal employee, i.e. in cases where a worker stacks several types of temporary work. "Coherent" does not mean that jobs follow one another, but that the interruption of the six-month period between the different jobs is not considered "consecutive". Dismissal without notice is only legal if the worker has committed a fundamental violation of the employment contract, such as. B serious fault due to the infidelity at work of competitors, and should be implemented only in exceptional cases. Elected representatives of local trade unions represent trade unionists, for example during negotiations, salary changes and workplace information briefings. There is no statutory time limit that regulates the amount of leave to which a representative is entitled to union work as long as the leave is proportional to the importance of the activities. However, collective agreements may include restrictions and specific information on holiday contracts.

Trade union representatives have enhanced legal protection for employment, which is defined in the Trade Union Representatives Act. Regardless of the seniority rules normally in place ("Last in, First out"), priority is given to representatives in redundancy situations. Priority rules apply only if the representative is particularly important for union activity in the workplace. Elected union representatives are entitled, if necessary, to a space or space in the workplace to carry out their trade union activities. Many collective agreements contain provisions for additional parental allowances. No third-party agreement is required before a termination is notified. A worker has the legal right to work until the age of 68. However, under several group pension plans, a 65-year-old worker can choose to retire and receive pension benefits. If the worker has chosen to work until the age of 68, the employer may terminate the employment at the end of the month in which the worker will be 68 years of age by taking one month`s notice. The termination must be made in writing.

If a worker continues to work beyond the age of 68, the employer can terminate the employment at any time for no objective reason. In these cases, the notice period is only one month. If the employer goes bankrupt, workers are entitled to severance pay from the wage guarantee. The wage guarantee means that workers can be compensated for the salary or the same type that the employer owes to employees.

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